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A Parisian fantasy.

Celebrating everyday indulgence.

The transformation of a heritage brand that has started since 1862 is transported to the 21st Century; you will find a gastronomic adventure as rich and indulgent as the spatial experience.





A very intimate and cozy seating with the internal space covering only 500 sq ft.  Visible from the curved entrance, a curvilinear wall shelves echoes the facade in bronze, creating a bold statement and draws the eye on the colourful displays, and further leading the eyes to delectable macaroons and patisserie over a chilled stone counter top.

The ‘Outdoor Terrace’ - The concept of gift giving was the inspiration, which was represented with an oversized basket, nesting up to 40 diners comfortably. The mood of the light changes upon the different time of the day.

Extra care in the details

The adoption of century-old techniques set in a modern context were challenged, such as the internal flooring in stone that are unexpectedly intersperse with custom cut of polished granite and honed marble, mimicking delectable macarons.

Laduree - 28 v2.jpg

Photography Act Studio

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