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A corporate statement

A creation of a statement of formal spaces to greet guest and a functional and laconic space for employees to converge.


Guocoland Malaysia



03 Guocoland office - L13 Waiting Lounge
01 Guocoland office - L13 Reception.jpg

A co-creation exercises were carried out to generate areas for connection between the two levels of offices, concentration and innovation. which includes the following:

  • Promote well-being and efficiency practices

  • Generate integration between different work teams

  • Stimulate collaboration in a natural and spontaneous way

  • Reflect corporate identity both to internal and external users

Relaxed formal furniture appoints the interior, while large vertical light boxes diffuse a soft ambiance to the waiting area. Meeting spaces have been integrated close to the reception to facilitate quick meet-ups while maintaining some form of transparency. While a host of wall panel doubles as cabinets aids to divide the function of each space, the continuity of space has not been neglected through the use of the carpet tiles design and colours.

14 Guocoland office - L13A Pantry.jpg

The final design transmissions was over two floors covering 37,000 square feet. One level was converted into a main reception area along with meeting rooms and the project team’s work space. Whilst the upper level holds the director’s rooms, boardrooms, training space and the legal and finance team.

Photography by Act Studio

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