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Two Sons

The name "Two Sons" is a reflection of the owners children - therefore we proposed a home-like environment within the casual bistro. The bistro embraces the contemporary tropical theme into the design with greenery to cast a relaxing vibe. The space are made up of two key dining spaces, an independent island and another internal space within the shop.






The facade intermingles large pieces CNC cut screens framed in black terrazzo.


The language of the grids are repeated in glass with steel frames that showcases part of the show kitchen, which becomes the heart of this establishment.

Elegant Mediterranean inspired patterned tiles adorns the entrance floor and leads to the inner dining spaces.

Various seating arrangements are created to suit various group of diners, the raised platform allows a differnt dimentsion to the narrow space.

Two Sons KLCC2
Two Sons KLCC3

The light weight screen wall produces a unique character, giving a glimpse of whats' happening on the room. We aimed for a light-weight look to the welcoming room.

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