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Stellar Interact

Over the years, Stellar has taken its presence worldwide from the east to west. And with this new move, it will carve another milestone for Stellar as the concept of this Headquarters will pay tribute to where it all started.



Stellar Interact



Selections of seating were intentionally, to reflect the sculptural forms of the sand dunes and terrains.


We designed an environment that could reflect the cultures of various cities from Sydney to Shanghai, yet somehow, it will reflect a coherent Stellar brand.

The Stellar sign shines in darkness as it greets visitor at the entryway with an organic form of indigenous art on the ceiling that leads you further into the seating area.

One appealing aspect is that the elements combined look somehow unfinished and raw, but always balanced with something soft and polished. Like the soft tufted carpet in crackle pattern, derived from potato dextrin effect, a traditional hand-dyeing technique to evoke a raw, bold appearance in colour and form.


The main driver for the actual frameworks were to reflect the landscapes of the Australian outback, with its strong sense of history, atmosphere and experience. The scenes are hardy, but at the same time extremely elegant, which jointly creates a guideline for a balanced and harmonious creative space.

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