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The Platz

We undertook this development in both the public spaces and the sales gallery which included a sales unit. We were very conscious of using finishes that would yield a warm and happy environment for the future home-owners.





On the interior we decided to celebrate the steel structure by exposing it wherever possible which helpfully yielded more width within each space.

Those exposed columns and masonry are balanced with a collection of warm, soft and luxurious finishes, fabrics and furnishings.

We were focused on designing custom furniture and a finishing schedule that would be congruent with the future public spaces.

Taking both cues and inspiration from a quirky Japandi home, essentially a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian themes, a pretty timeless elegance. We chose a palette that is contrasting with the darks of blues and greys complimenting with light pastels; welcoming yet robust and functional — an environment where it felt just as natural to have a hot matcha with prinsesstårta!

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