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Nothing is what it seems

Naelofar specializes in hijabs, a head scarf worn mostly by Muslim women. Traditionally, these are modest pieces of clothing, but the brand has rewritten the rule book and made the prints fashionable and intricate. We have translated this vision into the boutique, just like the hijab, concealed hidden depths beneath a modest appearance.



NH Prima


Naelofar 2.jpg

Once inside, an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity pervades throughout. Sensitive lighting allows the colourful products to stand out against a clean monotone background.

Accentuating the lightness of the scarves, the key feature of the racks are cantilevered and creates
an intimate softer space.


The aim was to convey a sense of singular form carved out an object, although with a closer look one would find various materials; encouraging curiosity with a tone on tone treatment exuding calmness.


Vertical waves ripple across one wall to give the appearance of a piece of cloth

Naelofar 7.jpg

Bespoke table with a de-bossed brand creates a subtle effect to the sculptural atypical cashier counter.

DYP_SWOT Design_Naelofar_008edit1.jpg

A pared-back design allows the sculptural aesthetic to support the brand’s clothes and scarves.

The colour of pale hazy meringue celebrates the positivity and happiness of colours from nature. The conceptual design creates a minimalist, yet intimate experience that offers an open invitation to interact with the refreshing collection.

Photography by David Yeow

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