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Chew on This!

Situated in a loft-like space in Bukit Bintang,  providing fabulous dining and drinks inspired by voracious eating and travels around Asia.



IGC Oriental 


Wolo - Latino Bar - 26.jpg

We were able to manipulate the building sectionally - which was once used as a penthouse of a hotel.


The removal of some floor area allowed for a double height space creates a grand dining room. We also employed the low ceilings to create taut, intimate parts of the public spaces even while celebrating the prodigious length of the plan and the opportunities to look clear across it.

We layered canopies, designed mobile screens and enlisted structural elements in these expansive volumes to imply divisions. The warmth and comfort within the tacit divisions were catered spaces for a bar, lounge and kitchen.

On one side of the building you have some of the most spectacular and picturesque vistas of the city.

Wolo - Latino Bar - 10.jpg

The bar back resembles the "moon gate" of Chinese gardens

Wolo - Latino Bar - 01.jpg

The furnishings and fixtures are texturally lush, warm and inviting

Wolo - Latino Bar - 12.jpg

Majority of the finishes within, creates a matte/gloss tension

Photography by Act Studio

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