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Connection Through Warmth and Nature

This development was planned with architectural spaces incorporating courtyards and various indoor and outdoor scenes based on functional needs and public spaces, thereby produced a light-filled, green living environment. We were commissioned to develop the public spaces and the sales gallery.


Mah Sing



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Teeming with light and a warm palette, the lobby and public space evokes the sense of a light-filled meet and greet space.

Conceived as a reflective space that is filled with light and a sense of calm, the approach was to engage visitors with the concept of urban living lifestyle. Throughout, custom joinery offers functionality, concealing additional meeting rooms.

Through warm hues of walnut, solid timber and timber veneer provide an anchoring point to the white and grey layered elements that open up the home and welcome the light effects over the dining and living spaces. Landscape elements were used to soften the transition between the built and the natural to create moments of relaxation. The connected living, dining and kitchen spaces, welcomes in the views and aromatic additions that come with it.

Photography by Staek