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Doing more with less

Lightcraft’s lighting consultancy firm has been established since 1985 and has since become one of the leading lighting companies in Malaysia. Lightcraft’s new showroom and office was to take place in the building premises along Jalan Chan Sow Lin, previously known as the Old Federal Bakery.





The space was to be converted into a showroom and office consisting of 4 connecting lots, and divided into workstations, communal areas, refreshed amenities, public spaces, show galleries, and event spaces.


Despite the initial thought that the project would costs less by maintaining the structure and existing elements it ended up costing a whole lot more preserving what was already there, and we maintained that vision on preservation.


Raw finishes, faded color peels, mosaic tiles and cement were brought back to life by the quirkiness of the design of decorative lights and ambience of architectural lights


By preserving the existing local aspects of the original building, we have re-imagined curated spaces full of possibilities such as the above cold room made it a perfect display spot


Breaking the confines of walls and doorways, we kept spaces versatile, some separated only by moveable screens allowing the flexibility to host various lighting installations


Fueling Excitement

Taking a walk through the variations of light and different passageways  reflects an isolation from time and space. There is a sense of  unpredictability of the next showcase around the corner.

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