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Contrasting Concepts

We were commissioned to develop show-units for three separate living concepts for three very different targets. The concepts were based on their lifestyle which we have envision for today's young urban dwellers.





E9 Type A - Living.jpg

The Funky Bachelor

This design was very much modern in the traditional sense. The materiality of the interior placed emphasis on quality and achieving a truly bespoke outcome.

This includes converting a room to an exercise room and aconverting a glass divider to a 2-way glass TV projection that can be viewed from the living and bedroom!

E9 Type D - Lifestyle 01.jpg

The Avid Chef

There is an emphasis on creating a modern-day spiritual experience for the concept of this home intertwining a kitchen and art.


The kitchen and dining space were the heart of this home. As much as we wanted an island kitchen, we had to ensure spaciousness for optimum circulation and resorted to a counter that was against the wall. It was designed to enable any cook to unleash their inner chef with integrated herb garden, concealed appliance cupboard and fridge – so owners can live a clutter-free existence.

E9 Type B - Study.jpg

The Talented Textile Designer

The vision of this space was to ensure the it had the versatility to cater to various functions based on this home-owner's lifestyle.

One of the corners was design as a cozy home-office, that also serves as a cute little reading nook. We took brave steps towards creating eye-catching displays of the designer by making the guest's experience more memorable, incorporating bolder designs, colours and patterns in the interiors. We had the opportunity to combine various textiles that would normally not be used together to bring across an element of uniqueness.